Want To Work For Tesla? Elon Musk Turns To Twitter To Recruit Engineers

Elon Musk is looking for a few good engineers. The Tesla CEO took to Twitter tonight to announce Tesla is ramping up its autonomous vehicle division and needs some new talent. Oh, and he said he’s going to do some of the interviews, so there’s that too.

To apply Musk simply says to email the company and include a link to examples of your work. It’s important to note that Musk stated that the company is looking for software engineers and experience with automobiles is not required. After all, vehicles are increasing becoming more software than hardware.

This division of Tesla is responsible for the company’s so-called Autopilot system, which is the system that turns its Model S sedan into a quasi-autonomous vehicle. Autopilot doesn’t take complete control of the car but does allow the vehicle to navigate highway traffic and road hazards unlike Google’s self-driving cars that are completely autonomous.

A Tesla rep told TechCrunch following the Autopilot’s launch that this may have been due to the lighting conditions at the time; if the car’s AI isn’t 100% confident that it’s safe to change lanes, it just won’t. Better to have a driver take over than to autosteer into something it somehow missed, right?

Elon Musk says he sees full automation coming within about 3 years; Autopilot is just a big first step. But it might be here sooner than that. Tesla is clearly ready to ramp up development.

Read more: http://techcrunch.com/2015/11/19/want-to-work-for-tesla-elon-musk-turns-to-twitter-to-recruits-engineers/ 

 turn to something                                       

  to start doing something new or different from what you were doing before

“Karras, the ex-football star who later turned to acting”

 recruit  /rɪˈkruːt/    V            

to ​persuade someone to ​work for a ​company or ​become a new ​member of an ​organization, ​especially the ​army:

“Charities such as ​Oxfam are always ​trying to recruit ​volunteers to ​help in ​their ​work.”

“ Even ​young ​boys are now being recruited into the ​army.”

“an ​army recruiting ​centre/​officer”

 Look for   Phv       

To search for; seek:

“looking for my gloves.”

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to make a public or official statement, especially about a plan, decision, or something that has happened

 “There was a press release announcing the Senator’s resignation.”

 “Exxon has announced a 26% increase in profits.”

announce (that):

 “I am pleased to announce that the Board has agreed to create 500 new jobs in our sales division.”

Ramp up   /ræmp/  V          

 to ​increase ​activity or the ​level of something:

“The ​company announced ​plans to ramp up ​production to 10,000 ​units ​per month to ​meet ​demand.”


autonomous   /ɔːˈtɒnəməs/   Adj 

​independent and having the ​power to make ​your own ​decisions


division / dɪˈvɪʒ(ə)n//     N           

a major section of an organization, with responsibility for a particular area of activity.

“a retail division”

synonyms:  department, branch, arm, wing, sector, section, subsection, subdivision, subsidiary, detachment, office, bureau, offshoot, satellite, extension

“an independent division of the Health and Safety Executive”


 After all                                              

used to ​add ​information that ​shows that what you have just said is ​true:

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“It isn’t ​yet ​clear how ​dangerous these so-called “super-rats” are.”

 autopilot   uk   /ˈɔː.təʊˌpaɪ.lət/  us   /ˈɑː.t̬oʊ-/    N

a ​device that ​keeps ​aircraft, ​spacecraft, and ​ships ​moving in a ​particular ​direction without ​human ​involvement:

“The ​plane was on autopilot when it ​crashed.”


sedan    سدان(به انگلیسی:Sedan) یا سالون به خودروهای سواری معمولی یا اصطلاحاً صندوقدار میگویند که دارای سقف ثابت، صندوق عقب مجزا و دو ردیف صندلی بوده و می‌تواند دو یا چهار در داشته باشد . سدان متداولترین شکل طراحی بدنه خودرو است.


Model S sedan      تسلا مدل اس (به انگلیسی: Tesla Model S) نام نوعی خودروی برقی و اولین محصول چهار در شرکت تسلا موتورز است. نام آن از نام نیکولا تسلا مخترع صرب-آمریکایی موتورهای برق متناوب گرفته شده‌است. تاریخ تحویل اولین نمونه آن ماه ژوئیه ۲۰۱۲ است.

این اتومبیل نیروی خود را تماماً از باتری به دست می‌آورد.


navigate   /ˈnævɪɡeɪt/   V  

to choose a path so that a ship, plane, or car can go in a particular direction, especially by using maps or instruments

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“You drive and I’ll navigate.”


hazard  /ˈhæzəd/   N           

a danger or risk.

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synonyms:     danger, risk, peril, threat, menace;

difficulty, problem, pitfall;

jeopardy, perilousness, endangerment, imperilment

“the hazards of high-energy radiation”


Self-driving  Self-driving means the autonomous driving of a vehicle to a specific target in real traffic without the intervention of a human driver.


rep   / rɛp/

a representative.

“a union rep”

AI    abbreviation

 Artificial Intelligence


confident   /ˈkɒnfɪd(ə)nt/   Adj        

certain that something will happen or be successful

confident that:

“We are confident that the show will open on Thursday.”


lane   / leɪn/                  

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Take over  V 

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steer     uk   /stɪər/ us   /stɪr/  V

to ​control the ​direction of a ​vehicle:

“It’s not ​easy to steer the ​car through these ​narrow ​streets.”