EU Said to Work on Political Deal With Iran for Energy Contracts

The European Union is working on a political agreement that would set the stage for future energy deals in Iran, two people with direct knowledge of the talks said.

The agreement could be signed as soon as November, they said, asking not to be identified because the talks are private. The accord would pave the way for any talks on specific contracts in the future and would come only after the nuclear deal reached in July between Iran and world powers enters into force, the people said.

Europe is seeking new supplies of energy to reduce its dependence on imports from Russia, which provides 27 percent of the gas consumed in the region. In a policy paper last year, the European Commission, the executive arm of the 28-nation EU, said that countries including Iran could contribute to that goal.

The deal would cover five areas: oil and natural gas contracts, renewables and energy efficiency, power markets, energy infrastructure and investing directly in Iran’s energy industry, the people said.

In Tehran, both the government spokesman Mohammad Bagher Nobakht and the public relations office at the oil ministry weren’t answering phone calls on Thursday, before the weekend started Iran.

In Brussels, the European Commission said in a reply to questions that it “will explore areas of bilateral cooperation including on energy” once the nuclear deal is in effect. For now, it’s focusing on preparatory work for launching a dialogue on energy with Iran “when the conditions are right.”



EU       N    

European Union اتحادیه اروپا

Work on        PhV

work on something to spend time producing or improving something

“He’ll have to work on getting in shape before the game.”

talk        N

formal discussions or negotiations over a period.

plural noun: talks

“peace talks”

synonyms:   negotiations, discussions;

 accord   /əˈkôrd/   N

an official agreement or treaty.

synonyms:   pact, treaty, agreement, settlement, deal, entente, concordat, protocol, contract, convention

“a peace accord”

Pave the way   /pāv/

to make progress or development easier:

“experiments that paved the way for future research.”

enter into force

Come into effect:

the treaty entered into force in 1975

come into effect

to become valid, effective, or operable.

“When did these rules come into effect? They came into effect while you were on vacation.”

import   /imˈpôrt/   N

a commodity, article, or service brought in from abroad for sale.

synonyms:   imported goods, foreign goods, imported merchandise, foreign merchandise, imported commodities, foreign commodities

“a tax on imports

Policy paper       N

policy paper is a research piece focusing on a specific policy issue that provides clear recommendations for policy makers

European Commission    /kəˈmiSHən/   N

کمیسیون اروپا

arm       N

a branch or division of a company or organization.

“the political arm of the separatist group”

synonyms:   branch, section, department, division, wing, sector, detachment, offshoot, extension

“the political arm of the group”

 contribute   /kənˈtribyo͞ot/   V

help to cause or bring about.

“gases that contribute to global warming”

synonyms:   play a part in, be instrumental in, be a factor in, have a hand in, be conducive to, make for, lead to, cause

“numerous factors contribute to job satisfaction”

renewables   /rəˈn(y)o͞oəb(ə)l/   N

a source of energy that is not depleted by use, such as water, wind, or solar power.

infrastructure   /ˈinfrəˌstrək(t)SHər/   N

the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g., buildings, roads, and power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.

spokesman         N

A “spokesman” is someone engaged or elected to speak on behalf of others.

public relations office     N

اداره روابط عمومی/ دفتر روابط عمومی


explore   /ikˈsplôr/   V

inquire into or discuss (a subject or issue) in detail.

“he sets out to explore fundamental questions”

bilateral    [bahy-lat-er-uh l]   N

having or relating to two sides; affecting both sides.

“bilateral hearing is essential for sound location”

involving two parties, usually countries.

“the recently concluded bilateral agreements with Japan”

cooperation   /kōˌäpəˈrāSH(ə)n/   N

the process of working together to the same end.

“they worked in close cooperation with the AAA”

synonyms:   collaboration, joint action, combined effort, teamwork, partnership, coordination, liaison, association, synergy, synergism, give and take, compromise

“cooperation between management and workers”

 once   /wəns/   N

as soon as; when.

“once the grapes were pressed, the juice was put into barrels”

synonyms:   as soon as, when, after, the instant, the second, the minute, the moment

“he’ll be all right once she’s gone”

in effect

operating or functioning; in force:

“The plan is now in effect.”

 preparatory   /prəˈperəˌtôrē/   Adj

serving as or carrying out preparation for a task or undertaking.

“more preparatory work is needed”

synonyms:   preliminary, initial, introductory, prefatory, opening, preparative, precursory

“preparatory work”

launch       V

start or set in motion (an activity or enterprise).

“she was launching a campaign against ugly architecture”

synonyms:   set in motion, get going, get underway, start, commence, begin, embark on, initiate, inaugurate, set up, organize, introduce, bring into being;

dialogue    /ˈdīəˌläɡ,ˈdīəˌlôɡ/   N

conversation between two or more people as a feature of a book, play, or movie.

“the book consisted of a series of dialogues”

synonyms:   conversation, talk, discussion, interchange, discourse;


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