Why We Love a Bargain

Dear Dan, Why do I feel so good when I buy something that is on discount—or, better yet, on sale? —Sarah

Happiness is often a relative judgment about the distance between where we are and where we could have been. If we think that something could have been better, we feel bad, and if we think that something could have been worse, we feel good by comparison. So when we buy something at a great discount, it is easy to compare our situation to the alternative scenario of paying full price—and we feel fantastic.

The problem, of course, is that this type of relative comparison and its attendant happiness don’t linger in our minds. Once we start using our bargain purchase, we don’t think much about its price, so the relative happiness from the discount disappears.

To keep that bargain glow, you could remind yourself of the pittance you paid and the full price that you dodged, or you could realize that the joy of buying goods on sale has a short shelf life.

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bargain   k   /ˈbɑː.ɡɪn/  us   /ˈbɑːr-/    N

something on ​sale at a ​lower ​price than ​its ​true ​value:

“This ​coat was ​half-price-a ​real bargain.”

The ​airline ​regularly ​offers ​last-minute ​bookings at bargain ​prices.”

The ​sales had ​started and the bargain ​hunters (= ​people ​looking for things at a ​low ​price) were out in ​force.”

 discount  /ˈdɪsˌkaʊnt/  N

a reduction in the price of something

Customers can get huge discounts by booking in advance.

discount on/off:

Air Canada are currently offering a 10% discount on selected airfares.

better yet/still

used when you are adding a new idea that you think is better than a good one already mentioned

“Come for a weekend or, better yet, come for a whole week.”


  on sale 

 offered for purchase at a reduced price.  حراج

 alternative    uk   /ɒlˈtɜː.nə.tɪv/  us   /ɑːlˈtɝː.nə.t̬ɪv/    Adj

(of one or more things) available as another possibility or choice.
“the various alternative methods for resolving disputes”

synonyms: different, another,other

 scenario    uk   /sɪˈnɑː.ri.əʊ/  us   /səˈner.i.oʊ/    N

a situation that could possibly happen

“The most likely scenario is that Brooks will resign.”

“I am trying to think of all the possible scenarios.”

 fantastic   /fænˈtæstɪk/   Adj              informal

 extremely good or pleasant

“It’s a fantastic view from up here, isn’t it?”

“You’ve done a fantastic job.”

“He looked absolutely fantastic.”

“‘We’re having another baby.’ ‘Fantastic!’”

 attendant   /əˈtɛnd(ə)nt/

occurring with or as a result of.
“the sea and its attendant attractions”

 linger    /ˈlɪŋɡə(r)/     V

to last or continue for a long time

“The smell of fish lingered in the kitchen.”

“Doubts still linger about his honesty.”

linger in the mind/memory:

“His face lingered in her memory.”

 glow    /ɡləʊ/

to show strong and happy emotion, especially in your face

“When he talks about them, he positively glows.”

glow with:

“She glowed with happiness.”

“the faces of parents glowing with pride”

 pittance    /ˈpɪt(ə)ns/   N

a very small or inadequate amount of money.
“he paid his workers a pittance”

 dodge    uk   /dɒdʒ/  us   /dɑːdʒ/   V

to ​avoid something ​unpleasant:

“The Senator dodged ​questions about his ​relationship with the ​actress.”

 shelf life

Period for which an idea, innovation, invention, or piece of information remains useful as an asset or provides competitive advantage.  عمر مفید

“the shelf life of fresh pasta”