Iran’s economic gloom dims enthusiasm for coming elections


For porters looking for business as they push empty carts through the arched passageways of Tehran’s Grand Bazaar Iran’s economic recovery still seems a long way off.

The subdued seasonal shopping just one month before Norouz, the Iranian new year holiday, is adding to widespread gloom about a prolonged economic stagnation that has also dimmed public enthusiasm for the crucial upcoming elections.

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Gloom   /ɡluːm/  N

the feeling of having no hope

“a time of high unemployment and economic gloom.”

“a year of economic gloom for the car industry”

Dim   /dɪm/

 if feelings or hopes dim, or are dimmed, they become weaker

Enthusiasm   uk   /ɪnˈθjuː.zi.æz.əm/  us   /-ˈθuː-/   N

a ​feeling of ​energetic ​interest in a ​particular ​subject or ​activity and an ​eagerness to be ​involved in it:

‘’One of the good things about ​teaching ​young ​children is ​their enthusiasm. ‘’

‘’After the ​accident he ​lost his enthusiasm for the ​sport.’’

coming    /ˈkʌmɪŋ/   ADJ

due to happen or just beginning; following or impending; next; approaching:
“work is due to start in the coming year”

election    uk   us   /ɪˈlek.ʃən/  N

a ​time when ​people ​vote in ​order to ​choose someone for a ​political or ​official ​job:

“The ​government is ​expected to ​call an election (= ​allow the ​country to ​vote) very ​soon.”

Local ​government elections will take ​place in May.”

 Porter    uk   /ˈpɔː.tər/  us   /ˈpɔːr.t̬ɚ/   N

a ​person whose ​job is to ​carry things, ​especially ​travellers’ ​bags at ​railway ​stations, ​airports, ​hotels etc.:

“There aren’t any porters, so we’ll have to ​find a ​trolley for the ​luggage.”

 Cart   uk   /kɑːt/  us   /kɑːrt/ N

US (UK trolley)

a ​small ​vehicle with two or four ​wheels that you ​push or ​pull to ​transport ​large or ​heavy ​objects on:

“a ​shopping cart”

“ Why will ​supermarket carts never ​move in the ​direction that you ​push them in?”

 Passageway    /ˈpæsɪdʒˌweɪ/  N

a long, narrow way, typically having walls either side, that allows access between buildings or to different rooms within a building.

“her hotel was at the end of a narrow passageway off the main street”

 Arched  /ɑːtʃt/   Adj

constructed with or in the form of an arch or arches.

“high arched windows”

a way off

a long time in the future

“Christmas is still a way off.”

 Subdued   /səbˈdjuːd/  V

if business is subdued, it is not very active or busy

“Trading on Wall Street has been very subdued today.”

 Widespread   /ˈwaɪdˌspred/ ADJ

happening or existing in many places, or affecting many people

“the widespread use of antibiotics”

“The project has received widespread public support.”

“These facilities are becoming more widespread in urban areas.”

Prolonged   /prəˈlɒŋd/  ADJ

continuing for a long time

“the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays”

“a prolonged period of silence”

Stagnation   /stæɡˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ N

a situation in which a country’s economy is not growing or succeeding

Upcoming   /ˈʌpˌkʌmɪŋ/

an upcoming event will happen soon

“the upcoming elections”