Tehran’s teens: Iran isn’t what you think it is

Tehran, Iran (CNN) With their stylish clothes, effortless English and modish hair, the young people relaxing in this park in north Tehran would give New York or London hipsters a run for their money.

“Life is very enjoyable for us,” one young woman says. “We are friends, we go out with each other, and we laugh, we have fun. And that’s it.”

She and her friends came to the city’s cinema museum to take photographs of jewelry. Now lounging outside, they sit in a tree-lined park a world away from the militaristic images of Iran that are ubiquitous in the West.

Nearby, four men in blue jumpsuits carefully plant an intricate display of flowers.

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Teen   /tiːn/   N

a teenager


stylish   /ˈstʌɪlɪʃ/  Adj

fashionably elegant.

“a stylish range of jewellery”


Clothes   uk   /kləʊðz/ us   /kloʊðz/  noun [plural]

things such as ​dresses and ​trousers that you ​wear to ​cover, ​protect, or ​decorate ​your ​body:

“She usually ​wears ​smart/​casual clothes.

“I’m just putting my clothes on. “

“Take ​your clothes off and get in the ​bath.”


Effortless    adjective    uk   /ˈef.ət.ləs/ us   /ˈef.ɚt.ləs/

​seeming not to need any ​effort:

“When you ​watch her ​dance it ​looks so effortless.”

“He was an ​actor of effortless ​charm.”


Modish  /ˈməʊdɪʃ/  ADJ

Being in or conforming to the prevailing or current fashion; stylish:

“With his longish wavy hair and his modish suits, he appears entirely at home on Rodeo Drive”


Hipster  / hɪpstə/   N

a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.


give somebody a run for their money

to compete very strongly against someone who is expected to win a competition

“ I think only Liverpool will be able to give Manchester United a run for their money next season.”


Go out

to ​leave a ​room or ​building, ​especially in ​order to do something for ​entertainment:

“She ​likes to go out at the ​weekend.”

“I’m just going out for a ​walk. Do you ​want to come?”

“Do you ​want to go out for a ​drink after ​work?”


Lounge   /laʊndʒ/   V

To pass(time) in a lazy,relaxed, or idle way:

“lounged the day away.”


Tree-lined   adjective    uk   /ˈtriː.laɪnd/ us   /ˈtriː.laɪnd/

(of a street, etc) lined or bordered by trees planted in rows; a tree-lined street has a row of trees on each side;


Militaristic  /mɪlɪtəˈrɪstɪk/  ADJ

advocating or pursuing an aggressive military policy; hawkish.

“the president and his militaristic administration”


Ubiquitous  adjective uk   /juːˈbɪk.wɪ.təs/ us   /juːˈbɪk.wə.t̬əs/

seeming to be seen everywhere; present, appearing, or found everywhere

“Leather is very much in ​fashion this ​season, as is the ubiquitous ​denim.”

“The ​mobile ​phone, that most ubiquitous of consumer-electronic ​appliances, is about to ​enter a new ​age.”


Nearby   /nɪəˈbʌɪ/  ADV

Not far away:

“She lives downtown and works nearby.”


Jumpsuit  /ˈdʒʌmp.suːt/  us   /ˈdʒʌmp.suːt/   N

a ​piece of ​clothing that ​covers both the ​upper ​body and the ​legs

 plant   uk   /plɑːnt/  us   /plænt/  V

to put a plant into the ​ground or into a ​container of ​soil so that it will ​grow:

“We planted ​trees and ​bushes in ​our new ​garden.”

Hyacinth ​bulbs planted in ​pots now will ​flower early in the ​spring.”


intricate  /ˈɪntrɪkət/  Adj

very complicated or detailed.

“an intricate network of canals”


Display  /dɪˈspleɪ/   N

a collection of objects arranged for public viewing.

the museum houses an informative display of rocks”