Iran Invites Boeing for Talks, a Stride Toward Business Ties With the U.S.

Of the roughly 280 planes flown by more than a dozen airlines in Iran, including some aging Boeing 747s, many have been grounded because of mechanical and other issues, aviation industry analysts have said. The average age of Iran’s commercial airplanes exceeds 20 years and many are considered dangerously outdated — partly a legacy of the Western sanctions that severely limited Iran’s ability to replenish and maintain its civilian fleet.

While Boeing has lagged in the newly opened Iranian market, Iran’s interest in purchasing Boeing jetliners is well known. Iranian aviation officials have been quoted in the domestic media as saying they would like to purchase equal numbers of Boeing and Airbus planes. Tasnim quoted the deputy transport minister, Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan, as saying that Iran wants Boeing 737s, one of the world’s most widely used jetliners.

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Stride     uk   /straɪd/    us   /straɪd/   N

an ​important ​positive ​development:

“The ​West made ​impressive strides in ​improving ​energy ​efficiency after the ​huge ​rises in ​oil ​prices during the 70s.”

“ The ​group has made strides to ​expand ​internationally.”


Tie    /tʌɪ/

a social or business relationship; a valuable financial affiliation

“he was sorry he had to sever his ties with other members of the team”


Roughly     /ˈrʌfli/ Adv


“this is a walk of roughly 13 miles”


Flown /fləʊn/

past participle of fly


aging   uk   /ˈeɪ.dʒɪŋ/  us   /ˈeɪ.dʒɪŋ/ ADj

(of a thing) reaching the end of useful life.

“the world’s aging fleet of oil tankers”


Ground   /ɡraʊnd/    V

If ​aircraft are grounded, they are ​prevented from ​flying or ​ordered not to ​fly:

“The ​snowstorm ​meant that all ​planes were grounded.”


Aviation   uk   /ˌeɪ.viˈeɪ.ʃən/  us   /ˌeɪ.viˈeɪ.ʃən/

the ​activity of ​flying ​aircraft, or of ​designing, ​producing, and ​keeping them in good ​condition:

“the British Civil Aviation Authority”

“ the US Federal Aviation “

the aviation ​industry/​sector


Exceed   /ɪkˈsiːd/

to be greater than a number or amount

“Wind speeds exceeded 90 miles per hour.”

“You will need to fill in a form for any claim exceeding £500.”


Outdated     /aʊtˈdeɪtɪd/   Adj

out of date; obsolete.

“outdated equipment”


Legacy   /ˈlɛɡəsi/

something such as a tradition or problem that exists as a result of something that happened in the past

legacy of:

The war left an enduring legacy of bitterness and suspicion.


Replenish   /rɪˈplenɪʃ/

to make something full again, or to bring it back to its previous level by replacing what has been used


Civilian   / sɪˈvɪlj(ə)n/



Fleet   /fliːt/ N

a group of vehicles, planes, boats, or trains, especially when they are owned by one organization or person

“the company’s fleet of vehicles”

“Survivors were taken to hospital in a fleet of ambulances.”


Lag   /læɡ/ V

to not be as successful or advanced as another person, organization, or group

“Recent opinion polls showed the Conservatives to be lagging by 13%.”



A jet airliner (or jetliner, or jet) is an airliner powered by jet engines (passenger jet aircraft).


Quote   / kwəʊt/

repeat or copy out (words from a text or speech written or spoken by another person).


Domestic   uk   /dəˈmes.tɪk/  us   /dəˈmes.tɪk/

​“relating to a person’s own ​country: “

“domestic ​airlines/​flights “

“Domestic ​opinion had ​turned against the ​war.”


Deputy transport minister

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