After decades of estrangement, Boeing officials have visited Iran to pitch their wares to Iranair and some other carriers under a marketing license granted by the U.S. government in February.

The U.S. company would need another permit to strike a deal and then further export licenses, similar to those required by Airbus due to the use of U.S. technology, to complete it.

Iran is dangling the prospect of significant business for Western planemakers as it emerges from decades of sanctions.

The country has a fleet of 250 aircraft, of which 90 are grounded due to the economy or missing parts, Parvaresh said.

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Estrangement:    /ɪˈstreɪn(d)ʒm(ə)nt,ɛ-/      Noun

the fact of no longer being on friendly terms or part of a social group.

“the growing estrangement of the police from their communities”


Official: uk   /əˈfɪʃ.əl/ us   /əˈfɪʃ.əl/   noun

a person who has a position of responsibility in an organization:

“a government/trade-union/council official”


Pitch:  /pɪtʃ/ Verb

mainly US: to try to persuade someone to buy or do something:

“She pitched her idea to me over a business lunch.”

“ They are pitching for business at the moment.”


Wares:    uk   /weəz/ us   /werz/

informal: a company’s products:

“The company must do more to promote their wares overseas.”


Carrier   uk   /ˈkær.i.ər/ us   /ˈker.i.ɚ/ , Noun

a company that operates aircraft


grant    uk   /ɡrɑːnt/ us   /ɡrænt/

to give or allow someone something, usually in an official way:

They granted her an entry visa.

He was granted asylum.

She granted their request/wish.”

“Would you grant me one favour”

“ He granted the soldier permission to leave.”


Strike a deal    /straɪk/

to reach or make an agreement:

“Do you think the government should try to strike a deal with the terrorists?”


Dangle /ˈdæŋ.ɡəl/

to offer someone something that they want in order to persuade that person to do something:

“I’ve tried dangling all kinds of offers in front of him to get him to work harder at school, but nothing works.”


Prospect   /ˈprɒspekt/

the possibility that something will happen, especially something good

prospect of:

“Doctors say there is little prospect of any improvement in his condition.”



A company that manufactures (commercial) aircraft


emerge    /ɪˈmɝːdʒ/

to become known

emerge from:

Three important factors emerged from our discussions.


Fleet      /fliːt/

a number of buses, aircraft, etc. under the control of one person or organization:

“He owns a fleet of taxis.”


Ground  /ɡraʊnd/

If aircraft are grounded, they are prevented from flying or ordered not to fly:

“The snowstorm meant that all planes were grounded.”